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Name: Dianne

Doctor, in your book you discuss the benefits of progesterone for post-menopausal women. On Powersurge a guest herbalist said "...progesterone Is only made when women ovulate and its job is not to balance estrogen but to preare for pregnancy. This means that for post-menopausal women there is nothing natural about having progesterone in the first place." I had planned to start on progesterone but now am confused. Do you have an opinion on this statement. Also, how long should post-menopausal women stay on a progesterone crea. Thank you.

A herbalist is not a physician and does not understand the benefits of progesterone and what it does for a woman's body. All one has to do is read THE MEDICAL LITERATURE. In view of the benefits of both estreogen and progesterone I hope my patients stay on them forever. Also, I addd isoflavones to the mix to enhance the safety of estrogen so women get the benefits of estrogen while minimizing the negative. I've been using this approach for a decade with very healthy women who feel great.


Dr. Townsend
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