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Name: Vallika

I am a 31 years old and trying to conceive our second child for the past 8 months. When I was 25, I conceived our first child on our first month of trial. I normally get my periods on the 32ndth day but ever since we've been trying my periods get delayed to 38 days and sometimes even 42 days and I get negative pregnancy test results. We bed every other day from day 10 to day 24 (calculated from my first day of last menstrual period). The questions I have are:
1) Could the delayed periods mean that
•the Egg is fertilized but not viable? ; my ovary is not producing an egg? ; The fertilized egg is failing to implant?
2) Am I doing the right things to increase my chance of pregnancy?
3) Should I go in for secondary infertility check up?

Your questions are best answered by an infertility specialist as I do not do infertility. Sorry.


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