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Name: Debbie

I am having perimenopausal symptoms, fatigue, anxiety, hair loss, mood swings, candida problems. I got blood work done and gyno said normal but wanted your opinion.
These Were done on day 21 of my cycle and I had my period on day 25.
Reference range

Estradiol 94 Luteal (+2)58-157

Progesterone 7.9 4.4-28.0

Testosterone 53 14-76
Free Testosterone 1.1 0.0-2.2

FSH 4.2 Luteal 1.5-9.1

Just needed your opinion if I look at all imbalanced to you and how you would treat me. Thank you Debbie

Your question is very specific to your own individual case.
Your lab tests and symptoms indicate that you ARE Perimenopausal. If you want my specific treatment program for you using bioidentical hormones, I would be happy to do so. You need to call my office for a telephone consultation and schedule it with my secretary. The office phone number is 530 749 8511.

Phillip Warner, M.D.
Power Surge Medical Consultant
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