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Name: Mary

I'm looking for a doctor who prescribes bio-identical hormones. My address is Victorville, CA, 92392.

Thank you,

Dear Mary:

This is a list of the doctors, and of course we could also ty to work with your current doctor after a consultation with you. If that would work, then call me and we will come up with a plan for you.

The following is a list of physicians per your request. If you use a physician from this list, we ask that you inform the physician that Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions (Pete Hueseman, R.Ph.) has referred you.

Some physicians prefer that we provide them with a dosage recommendation for natural hormone therapy. Please contact us at 1-800-728-0288 or 314-727-8787 so we can provide you with the recommendation to take on your initial visit with the physician. We would be most appreciative if you would order your prescription thru Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions. We would like to help you feel better, and be your compounding pharmacy in the future. We ship all across the country, and accept hundreds of insurance plans for reimbursement.

We can also provide you with a suggested therapy and dosage for you to discuss with your own physician, many times your own doctor will work with you, if he or she knows someone at our end is capable of helping with your situation.
We would be glad to have a consultation with you and review your medical history, symptoms, current meds, and lab work of your hormones if available and develop a recommendation for an adjustment to your current prescription, or an entirely new dose regimen.
The consultation generally lasts about 15 to 30 minutes. The fee for the consultation is $25 for
the first 15 minutes and then $2 per minute thereafter. We refund the entire fee back to you when you fill your prescriptions at Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions.

You may want to also take advantage of our free shipping for ground service, if you order 2 or more supplements to go along with your order; and you can review the list of our many vitamins and supplements on our website.

1. Gino Tutera, MD 760-773-2616

2. W.J. Grimm, MD 760-322-2520

3. Pat Hussey NP in with Dr. W.r. Schmitt, MD

4. Arthur R. Davis, MD 760-773-2616

Pete Hueseman, R.Ph., P.D.
9 years Power Surge Pharmaceutical Consultant
Ph. 1.800.728.0288 or 314.727.8787
Fax. 1.800.458.9182 or 314.727.2830
E.mail Pete Hueseman
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Information provided by Pete Hueseman, R.Ph, PD, and the Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions staff of pharmacists is not intended as a substitute for a visit to and examination by your own personal health care practitioner.
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