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Name: tracey

h I i'm 43, my periods are usualy every 28 days, painful and heavy. Me and my partner are trying for a baby. Do you think that I am to old? Or possibly starting the menopause? I have 4 children which were all delivered by caserean section. I have been given advice by 3 doctors who have said that it is safe for me to have another baby. Since we have been trying for a baby I have lost 2 after only being pregnant for a matter of weeks. If I am going through menopause can I still get pregnant or will my body keep rejecting the pregnancies.

At age 43, it is more difficult to have a healthy early pregnancy since you are fertilizing eggs that are "older".
It is very likely that you will need hormone supplementation during the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy. After 3 months, you should be ok and it is certainly safe to do another C-section. Remember, your body is not rejecting your pregnancies. The pregnancies are lost due to a deficiency of hormonal production from the ovaries.

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