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Name: LeeAnne

Am 53 was on Aygestin for 3 years to control heavy bleeding due to anolvution, not releasing an egg and not enough progestin to signal my uterus to shed lining(sp). Got off of it becasue I heard it was bad for me. My estradial test showed less than 12 and my FSH was 90. Missed a period, had 2 light periods, missed 2 more, then had a light period 7 days, went away for 3, came back now for 5. My doctor says I need to expect erratic periods and calm down, the bleeding will stop. Have had the battery of tests and everythng is normal except my anxiety over this bleeding. Will it stop and is it normal to be crazy? Is this because I stopped the Aygestin?

It is never normal to be "crazy" unless you have a long psychiatric history of psychosis and psychiatric inpatient care.
Since your estradiol test was 12, this indicates that you are making only minimal amounts of estrogens from you ovaries and not making any progesterone. This is causing the type of periods you are having.
You are 53 and very shortly, your ovaries will stop making estrogens altogether and you will have no more bleeding.
The Aygestin in not indicated at this time.

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