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Name: Jennifer

I have been taking Premarin .625 alternating with Estratest HS .625 for 1.5 years, 25 days per month along with Provera 5mg 10 days per month. After constantly complaining to my doctor on how horrible I feel, she took a blood test that showed I had not absorbed any estrogen or testosterone and was completely menopausal. She now switched me to a natural compounded tri estrogen cream .05 and a testostrogen cream. This seems like a very low dose for someone who has tried taking oral medication for 1.5 years with no help. In addition, ever since I started taking those pills I've lost half the hair

I would talk to your doctor about going back to Estratest HS daily and definitely get rid of the Provera and instead use Prometrium 100mg every night at bedtime as long as you're not allergic to peanuts. Please be sure to take the Estratest everyday because it can take months before you get the full effects of the testosterone. If you delete it a certain amount of days each month, it cannot work as well. See chapter six in my book for more detailed information about your concern.

Dr. Alan Altman

Author of "Making Love the Way We Used To...Or Better."


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