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Name: Brenda

Hi! I am 46 years old and I am on Premarin 0.3mg , one a day.About 2 months ago my family doctor changed my prepcription from Premarin 0.625mg because I was complaining of Breast tenderness and sore legs. My legs are not sore anymore but now I am getting small hot flashes. All this started with a Hysterectomy of the uterus at 40 years old. I do not know what to do with my Hormone Pills, I feel like I am between a Rock and a Hard Place. Hope you can answer this question for me.Sincerely , Brenda

Try alternating the .625 mg and the .3 every other day, which would be a mid-way dose. Also you might want to add some testosterone if the ovaries were removed.

Dr. Alan Altman

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