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Name: Elizabeth

I'm menopausal and just thinking about ERT. I'm lenaing to go with Prometrium and Women's Int. Pharmacy compounded estrogen. Is this a good choice? Should these be taken together daily (non-stop) or 3 weeks on 1 week off?Thanks

Prometrium is an excellent progesterone. You must not be allergic to peanuts and it should be taken at bedtime because it can be sedating.

As to the estrogen component, Cenestin which is plant based, is a newer product that is available in your local pharmacy. If you call Women's International, they will compound the estrogen which is from plant sources just like the pharmaceutical estrogen I mentioned above. It's better to take the estrogen in the morning after a meal.
The most commonly used regimen is both every day. The alternative is estrogen every day and the prometrium the first twelve days of each month. The prometrium will be different dosing depending on which regimen you choose. Most people like both every day better because although you might have some bleeding in the beginning, ultimately you will expect no bleeding on that regimen.

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