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Name: Kim

Dear Dr. Warner,
I have developed mild asthma within 3 months of starting NHRT and my doctor says this is a common side effect. ( I had never heard this before.) I've now seen an article in the April, 2005 HealthNews saying the same thing. What is your opinion and have you seen the same thing in your practice? I'm really tired of the coughing but troubled about giving up the hormones; also don't want to take corticosteroids as they cause herpes outbreaks in my case. Thank you for any thoughts.

In all my years of using bioidentical hormones, I have not
seen asthmatic symptoms as a result of the hormones. It would not be logical since the bioidentical hormones are exactly like the woman`s own hormones released from the ovaries which she has had since puberty.
Therefore, if asthmatic symptoms start after taking the hormones it is due to the inert ingredients in the hormone pill, cream or tablet or patch.
In your case, I would change the way you take the hormones and perhaps reduce the dose. You should then no longer have the asthmatic symptoms. Of course, the asthma could be from something else and not related to your starting the hormones.

Phillip Warner, M.D.
Power Surge Medical Consultant
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