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Name: Dianne

Doctor, my gyn has me on Vagifem twice weekly and Estrace cream once a week for vaginal dryness/atrophy. I have read Dr. Lee and Dr. Townsend's books in which they described the benefits of progesterone. I would like to incorporate the use of a progesterone cream into my regimen. Is there any reason I should not do so. My gyn is not open to alternative or complementary medicine, so I am searching on my own and appreciate so much your help.

Since your problem is vaginal dryness/atrophy which has not responded adequately to Vagifem and Estrace cream, you need a better approach. Both Vagifem and Estrace cream are forms of Estradiol which may not have the best effect on the vagina when used topically (into the vagina itself).

The best hormone to use by prescription is Estriol vaginal cream which will reverse vaginal dryness and atrophy. Any
doctor can write a prescription for EStriol and you will find this effective.

Phillip Warner, M.D.
Power Surge Medical Consultant
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