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Name: Holly

Dr. Warner,

I am 24-years old and have been experiencing heart palpitations and high blood pressure for about 4 months now. My GP just put me on Lebetalol (?) A beta blocker to hopefully calm them down, but that is not seeming to work. I have read several message boards and the only dempgraphic that seem to be suffereing from the EXACT symptoms are perimenopausal or menopausal women. I think I am too young for that, but could my problem be progesterone/estrogen related? I noticed the palps when I became unexpectedly pregnant in January. Subsequently I had a medical abortion, and the palps are still there. Any advice?


I do not believe that your heart palpitations and blood pressure problems are related to perimenopause. The beta blocker you are on is apparently not working.

At this point, my best advice would ve to obtain a consult from a cardiologist and have proper tests and appropriate medication.

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