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Name: Marilyn

I thought I understood Dr. Lee to say that the only way to get truely natural progesterone over the counter because once the pharmacidical companies get is no longer "natural"...It didn't seem that the over the counter ones were strong enough so started a 2% cream thru my Dr. but it gives me headaches...(or possibly its the added estrogen bi est thats the problem...)now I wonder if I should try an over the counter one...if indeed it would be more natural and less likely to have side effects...After 6 years, I still suffer with hot flashes and sleeplessness. I have tr

Frankly, I do not believe a word Dr. Lee says. There is no progesterone in mexican yams at all. If you wish to get rid of your hot flashes I recommend an estrogen preparation of some sort.

Dr. Alan Altman

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