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Name: K

I am a 47 year old neonatal nurse who had a total hysterectomy(with ovaries) in 1996. I have been on Premarin for hormone replacement since the surgery. I also battle seasonal affective disorder. I have tried several antidepressants with Prozac being the most effective but making me feel kind of spacey at times. Now My physician and I have decided to try EstratestHS for low libido. Should I be concerned about a bout of depression? I also wonder about other side effects or mood changes since I am prone to depression. Thank you for your help.

Éstratest may actually help your seasonal affective disorder. It's definitely worth a try. It shouldn't add to depression, and many women take Prozac at the same time without having a problem with either drug. Good luck.

Dr. Alan Altman

Author of "Making Love the Way We Used To...Or Better."


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