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Name: Penny

I have been battling chronic yeast infections for months. I'm currently taking acidopholous, garlic tablets, have eliminated all sugar, alcohol, breads, etc. from my diet and am very slowly beginning to see some positive results. I have read that sex can trigger a yeast infection due to the ejaculate changing the pH of the vagina making it a better environment for yeast growth. Is this true? If so, what can I do to prevent it - short of not having sex with my husband?

The normal act of sex does not cause a yeast infection. If everybody got yeast infections from sex, no one would have sex! However, yeast do thrive in an environment with less acid or a higher Ph. Anytime you put anything in the vagina that has a higher Ph than the vagina itself, you're going to change the acid level in the vagina a little bit. But you are doing what you can to prevent it, and I certainly wouldn't advise you to stop having sex with your husband.

Dr. Alan Altman

Author of "Making Love the Way We Used To...Or Better."


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