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Name: cathyj

I have had trouble with pain during intercourse and my doctor prescribed Premarin vaginal cream. I was wondering if there is any other treatment other than estrogen base that I can take for this problem?

Hi Cathy,
Not all pain with intercourse is due to hormonal causes. The first step is to properly evaluate the etiology of the "pain" --whether it is deep or superficial, the location, time and duration of onset, exact nature of the pain, and affect it has had on your intimate relationship. I would also be interested in whether the pain prevents you from having other kinds of penetration (vaginal exam or other insertive activities). If all this has been done and the diagnosis is hormone related dryness or "dyspareunia" as opposed to other conditions, I suggest you write Dr. Alan Altman to ask for his medical opinion.

Dr. Sandy Scantling
Author of Extraordinary Sex Now.
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