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Name: Nancy

I’m 52, 6 years postmenopausal, mild osteoporosis, heavy bleeding. After Prempro, I had pellets inserted in April & July, 2004. No pellets since July, no creas since September because of bleeding starting 2 weeks after pellets were inserted. The doctor's nurse now says new supplier’s pellets in July may have started the problem.

D&C + hysteroscopy in Dec. 2004, lining was .9. Last week, lining at 1.3, Estrogen level 120. Gyn suggests progesterone 10 days/mo. & wait for estrogen to decline. Hormone doc says maybe endometrial ablation.

gyn & osteo pushing Fosamax, but bone density improved with hormones. Gyn is against bioidentical hormones, says they should be used only short-term. No real menopause systems except vaginal dryness but feel better on hormones & don't really want Fosamax.

I'm with you. Do not have pellets inserted again. Cannot stop the hormones in case of a problem. Do not take fosamax, weights and exercise just as good. I would suggest bioidentical hormones plus isoflavones. The isoflavones block the bad effects of the estrogen while preserving the benefits[antiaging, heart disease benefit, osteoporosis prevention]. Use natiral progesterone cream plus bioidentical estrogen. You'll feel great and the bleeding shouldstop therfore avoiding an ablation. Also, take transfer factor to dramatically improve your immune system. Also, please get my book which will explain the benfits of the "Dynamic Duo" Also, take all of the products all of the time NO cycling.For vaginal dryness please use small amounts of vaginal estrogen cream 2 X a week at night. Will prevent bladder problems later in life.


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