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Name: nomad

My husband is looking for some kind of support group. We are having a hard time. We are newleyweds, and I am about to get a hysterectomy. We are suffering because I have no interest in sex, because of pain from the fibroids. And intimacy without intercourse isnt enough for him. Help, please

Dear Nomad,

Important to do your homework about hysterectomy and "nerve sparing surgery" -- all hysterectomies are not alike -- there are many options and issues to discuss with your surgeon (hormones, whether you'll be keeping your ovaries, and the psychological effect of hysterectomy on both you and your partner). He/She should be the best resource to recommend a support group in your community. On the plus side, many women who have low desire due to pain find that their desire and response increase after hysterectomy once their pain is gone. We generally hear the horror stories only. There are many reasons for low sexual desire -- depression, certain medications, medical illness, etc. I would be interested in how long you've had a desire problem and whether you're intersted in non-penetrative touching. Remember that intercourse and sexuality are not synonymous. Keep your intimacy fresh -- experiment with a variety of ways to pleasure each other sexually and keep the lines of communication open. Good luck.

Dr. Sandy Scantling
Author of Extraordinary Sex Now.
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