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Name: Kathi

Three weeks ago I began HRT..(49 years old) 1 mg of Estrace daily with Prometrium, 200mg on days 16-25. I noticed slight tingling in my arms and legs but since it was slight, I ignored it. After 7 days of Prometrium my left arm went numb. I also had the sensation that my veins in my arms and legs were on fire. I stopped and went to my internist the next day. She seemed puzzled by my reaction but apparently did not think I was in immediate danger. Now, one week later, my arm feels better but still tingles from time to time. Do you know what might have caused such a reaction ?

It's possible that if your hormones have been low and you suddenly go on HRT, you can get a reaction like this. What I would tell my patients to do is stay off of everything for a month, then begin with a very low dose patch, alone for a month or two. Then I would add the progesterone if the estrogen has been well tolerated. This way, if your symptoms recur, you'll know what's causing them. Good luck!

Dr. Alan Altman

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