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Name: Dr.

Hello Pete!
I have recently been researching on BHRT primarily because my wife has had little to no luck with either conventional HRT, herbal therapy, or the phyto_hormones/nutrients that are available. What I have read about BHRT so far has been impressive.
Currently, I am searching for a source for the bio-identical hormones, testing kits, and advice would be helpful also. If this works for my wife, and I tend to think it will, I may expand it to those in need in my practice. I have already ordered some salava tests and pre-packaged products from . However, I suspect that since you are a compounding pharmacist, I will be much better served by you. Please email me and lets see if we can help my wife and then maybe others.
Dr. Gary

Dear Dr. Gary:

We are the best source you will find, and please review our website for lots more info on natural bioidentical hormones, and our company. We also sell and work with Aeron Labs, the original saliva testing company, and probably the best one doing it. We can fix your wife, I am quite sure, and safely. On our website, you can fill out the patient history form for the wife and send it back to me online or by fax, or just call me and let's talk about her symptoms, and what you have in mind to solve for her. We can do this for any of your patients, and it will be very easy for you once we have done a few patients together. phone= 1-800-728-0288 fax- 1-800-458-9182 at the Pharmacy. For your further information, we do ship everywhere, and accept hundreds of insurance plans for payment of RX's. I do look forward to hearing and working with you soon.

Here is our patient empowerment program that we would like to add your name to once we get started for your zip code area.

Recently, you contacted our pharmacy to get information about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. To learn more about our “Patient Empowerment Program” which will help you get started on bioidentical hormones and feel better, click here scroll down and read “Overview of Our Program” and fill out the “Patient History Form”. This program empowers you through knowledge and education to approach your physician (or we can refer you to a physician if necessary) and get the natural treatment you are looking for.

We generally provide physician referrals, if needed, as part of our “patient empowerment program”. This program was developed to assist you in getting started on the natural bioidentical hormones. It empowers you through knowledge and education to approach your physician and get the natural treatment you are looking for.

The patient empowerment program is a full in-depth consultation with a consultant pharmacist whereby we evaluate your symptoms, lab work of your hormones (if performed), and any other pertinent laboratory results via phone consult. We then make an assessment and write a clinical consult note that includes recommendations for natural bioidentical hormones that you can provide to your doctor. If you have already discussed bioidentical hormones with your doctor or if your doctor refuses to prescribe them after reviewing our recommendations, we will provide you with a referral to a physician in your area that will prescribe bioidentical hormones.

The average consult generally lasts about 30 minutes. The fee for this program is $25 for the first 15 minutes, then $2 per minute thereafter. This fee is 100% reimbursed to you when you fill your prescriptions with us at Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions. When we receive your consult form, we will contact you to schedule your consultation. You may also call the pharmacy to schedule this consultation.

The following is a list of physicians per your request. If you use a physician from this list, we ask that you inform the physician that Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions, referred you. In return for our free referral service we would be most appreciative if you would order your prescription thru Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions. We would like to help you feel better, and be your compounding pharmacy in the future. We ship all across the country, and accept hundreds of insurance plans for reimbursement.

Pete Hueseman, R.Ph., P.D.
9 years Power Surge Pharmaceutical Consultant
Phone: 1-800-728-0288
E.mail Pete Hueseman
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Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions

Information provided by Pete Hueseman, R.Ph, PD, and his Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions colleagues is not intended as a substitute for a visit to and examination by your own personal health care practitioner.
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