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Name: Jaja

I am living in Auckland - New Zealand. I am currently taking natural progesterone with a bit of DHEA added, still trying to get levels right for very sore breast and general feeling of being down.

I exercise at least 6 days a week and have done this for many years, cycling, jogging, walking, between 1 and 1 1/2 hours a day. Read about Revival Soy and wondered if this would help? Would love to stop taking hormone replacement even though it is natural.

Can not find Revival here - do you sell it here? Would any sort of soy protein drink help?

Hello Jaja,

Thank you for your question.

Before we get started, please read the following: We do not give medical advice. We provide nutritional information regarding Revival Soy products and information available in the public domain for the uses of soy. We advise you to discuss your personal medical issues with your physician. I hope our information will be helpful to you.

Yes, we do ship Revival Soy to New Zealand and someone will e-mail you shortly. To order:

Will soy protein interfere with any of my prescription medications?

The FDA has not issued any drug interaction warnings for soy protein. No interactions in humans with common prescription medications have been shown. In fact, soy may enhance the benefits of many prescriptions. For instance, soy may help cholesterol lowering medications lower cholesterol even further.
>>Soy may also reduce breast and endometrial stimulation caused by prescription hormones. Some doctors suggest that thyroid medications be taken at a different time of the day than soy protein to maximize absorption of the medication. You should consult your own doctor if you taking prescription medications.

Revival Soy is not a replacement for prescription medication, but can be excellent nutritional support for your dietary health plan. We call this SIS™ (which stands for ‘Soy Integrative Support’™). Revival Soy can be integrated into your current health plan to help you achieve better health.

Does soy promote breast and endometrial health?

See for the latest information on soy and breast/endometrial health.

The most recent human studies have shown that soy promotes healthy breast, endometrial, colon and prostate tissues. Dr. Richard Fleming, using a sophisticated new breast-imaging test named B.E.S.T., has found initial confirmation of Revival Soy’s ability to reduce inflamed breast tissue. The preliminary results represent an important step forward in demonstrating the role soy protein may play in promoting breast health. Visit to view full color study images.

Recent monkey studies show that 148 milligrams per day of soy isoflavones (from a soy protein diet) for a period of 3 years produce NO breast or endometrial stimulation. Monkeys using prescription hormones had dramatic stimulation, but soy even helped block that as well. The researchers concluded that soy protein produces “the benefits but not the risks associated with traditional hormone replacement therapy.” No human studies have ever shown that soy protein increases risk of cancer. The FDA hasn’t issued a single warning for eating soy protein. In fact, many universities and government-funded agencies are studying soy protein’s role in promoting healthy tissues like those observed in the Asian populations. Scientific research has been focused on soy protein because Asians who consume a high soy diet have much lower rates of cancer than their American counterparts. Some studies show that soy produces synergistic benefits with tamoxifen (the use of tamoxifen plus soy protein recently received a patent). Ask your doctor what is right for you based on the latest research data.

A new class of soy nutrients has actually been found to be “antiestrogenic” for breast tissues:

A class of newly described soy nutrients, different from soy isoflavones, have potent antiestrogenic effects on estrogen receptors in the breast tissues. The new class of soy nutrients is called glyceollins (pronounced 'gli - see - oh -lens). Researchers observed a strong "antiestrogenic effect" of glyceollins on estrogen receptor signaling which suppressed estrogen-induced proliferation of human breast cancer cells. This important new research emphasizes our point that you simply can't get the benefits of soy protein in a soy isoflavone PILL. At the present, we don't feel that chemically-purified soy pills are safe or effective. Furthermore, previous studies using isolated soy isoflavones are now irrelevant because the antiestrogenic effect of glyceollins must be taken into account. Revival Soy is the best way to eat soy protein and soy nutrients. With Revival, you get the protein, isoflavones, saponins, glyceollins and ALL of the other soy nutrients. We encourage you to explain this difference to your friends and family who use soy pills.

1. Phytochemical Glyceollins, Isolated from Soy, Mediate Antihormonal Effects through Estrogen Receptor alpha and beta. Burow ME, Boue SM, Collins-Burow BM, Melnik LI, Duong BN, Carter-Wientjes CH, Li S, Wiese TE, Cleveland TE, McLachlan JA. Tulane-Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research, Molecular and Cellular Biology Program, and Department of Pharmacology (M.E.B., S.L., J.A.M.), Tulane University Medical Center. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2001 Apr 1;86(4):1750-1758.

Can I stop my prescription estrogens/HRT if I use Revival?

Some doctors feel that soy protein may be the perfect alternative for the millions of women (over 85% of all women!) who refuse hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or simply can’t tolerate HRT. You should consult your own doctor before stopping a prescription medication. Many women use Revival along with their prescriptions. There is no known reason why you can't use soy protein along with prescription hormones. You may be able to take a lower dose of the prescription hormones also along with Revival. Research also indicates that soy protein use can reduce the breast and endometrial proliferation often caused by prescription hormones. If you plan to stop HRT (after consulting your doctor), overlap use of HRT and soy for 4 to 8 weeks and then slowly taper off the HRT in order to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Am I getting too much estrogen if I take Revival with prescription estrogens?

No. Soy protein will NOT raise or add to your estrogen levels. Soy will raise your soy isoflavone (phytoestrogen) levels. Isoflavones are completely different from the body’s estrogen and act in many different ways. For instance, soy protein promotes bone and heart health, but doesn’t cause breast or endometrial stimulation. Eating soy has not been linked to breast and endometrial cancers. Soy isoflavones WILL NOT show up on any standard blood tests for estrogen that you get at your medical doctor. Only special research tests can measure isoflavone levels in your blood or saliva at this time.

Evidence that Soy Protein may improve mental outlook

Many Revival users claim that Revival boosts their outlook and mental energy. A new research study documents the positive effects of dietary soy protein on "psychological well-being" of women. The researchers concluded that "dietary soy may modulate psychologic well-being of peri- and postmenopausal women."

Reference: Metabolism 2000 Dec;49(12):1561-4.

Please let me know if I can help further.
Best Regards,
Aaron Tabor, MD

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