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Name: Dianne

Although I am not overweight, I have to essentially eliminate sugar from my diet. I know aspartame and other substitutes are not healthy. Is there anything on the market that I can use?

Thank you.

Hi, Diane -- Best sweeteners are natural -- maple syrup (real) and honey. These metabolize more slowly in your system and you don't experience the radical blood sugar fluctuations in your body. Also, stevia - an herb that many people love and that has no ill effects that I've heard of. You can get it in any health food store and it might even be in your local supermarket if they have a natural food section -- Good luck! Be well!

Be well,
Dr. Denise Lamothe
Clinical Psychologist
Specializing in Weight and Eating Issues
Author of The Taming Of The Chew: A Holistic
Guide to Stopping Compulsive Eating

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