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Name: Liz

Good morning!

I am very encouraged about the prospect of ordering Revival today. I had a total hysterectomy about 10 years ago, and even with an HRT patch, have continued with hot flashes. In recent months I have tried to cut the patch in half for a lower dose, and finally stopped using it altogether (due to increased health risks). But… I am miserable most of the time with severe hot flashes, depression, irritability, night sweats, insomnia (the whole 9 yards)! Anyway, I am going order it for myself and am so hopeful that this will be the answer for me.

My Question is, if I have my husband take it to help his elevated cholesterol, should he continue to take the cholesterol lowering medication he was prescribed by his doctor?

Hello Ms. Patch,

Thank you for your question.

Sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult time.
Be sure to discuss your depression with your own Healthcare Provider. Eating soy is supportive, but not a substitute for your own healthcare.

Yes, Revival Soy is here to help!

We have had thousands of women achieve excellent comfort with the addition of Revival Soy protein to their diet, and even for cholesterol reductions. The FDA recently approved a claim that soy protein can lower heart disease risk, the number one killer of women and men. Revival has been successfully used by women with surgically-induced menopause at many ages.

One serving of Revival is equal to the daily Japanese intake of soy
isoflavones and can produce good results for you. We recommend the daily
Asian diet amount - about 150 milligrams per day. One serving of Revival provides you with this level.

Most women see much better comfort within several days to several weeks of use. My own mother uses only Revival and has great comfort and energy.

Will soy protein interfere with any of my prescription medications?

The FDA has not issued any drug interaction warnings for soy protein. No interactions in humans with common prescription medications have been shown. In fact, soy may enhance the benefits of many prescriptions. For instance, soy may help cholesterol lowering medications lower cholesterol even further. Soy may also reduce breast and endometrial stimulation caused by prescription hormones. Some doctors suggest that thyroid medications be taken at a different time of the day than soy protein to maximize absorption of the medication. You should consult your own doctor if you taking prescription medications.

Revival Soy is not a replacement for prescription medication, but can be excellent nutritional support for your dietary health plan. We call this SIS™ (which stands for ‘Soy Integrative Support’™). Revival Soy can be integrated into your current health plan to help you achieve better health.

Be sure to read the great article on eating soy for cholesterol lowering on our website. Click on Soy Benefits to go to our library of great articles.


Dietary soy protein lowers total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides:

October 26, 1999: The FDA has authorized the use of health claims about the role of soy protein in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). (1) This final rule is based on the FDA's conclusion that foods containing soy protein included in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of CHD by lowering blood cholesterol levels without adverse side-effects. Over 40 clinical studies on soy and heart health were considered in the FDA’s decision.

A meta-analysis study in the New England Journal of Medicine of 38 clinical studies (2) showed that a moderate amount of soy protein consumption achieved, on average, a:

1. 9.3% decrease in total cholesterol

2. 12.9% decrease in LDL-cholesterol

3. 10.5% decrease in triglycerides

All of these decreases were statistically significant. Those people who originally had the highest blood cholesterol levels experienced the greatest degree of cholesterol lowering: individuals with initial serum cholesterol of >335 mg/dl showed a 19.6% decrease in total cholesterol and a 24.0% decrease in LDL-cholesterol.

New studies show that eating higher levels of soy protein and soy isoflavones lower cholesterol even more dramatically. (3) We've seen up to 100 point cholesterol drops with Revival. Soy may work by making your liver more efficient at removing the "bad" cholesterol from your blood (by increasing LDL-receptor densities in the liver). (4,5)

Other mechanisms by which soy may prevent CHD include maintenance of normal coronary artery vascular reactivity (6,7,8), synergistic interaction with estradiol to improve CAD parameters (8), prevention of LDL oxidation (9,10), anti-proliferative and anti-migratory effects on aortic smooth muscle cells (11,12), effects on thrombus formation (13), and reduction of blood pressure. (14)

Soy produces synergistic cholesterol-lowering effects with cholesterol drugs in animals (15) and reduces stroke risk in monkeys. (16) Soy protein may be beneficial to kidney function in Type 2 diabetes, Nephrotic syndrome, and chronic renal failure. (17,18,19)

Soy consumption may reduce the risk of certain cancers including endometrial, breast, colon and prostate cancer (20), and can also alleviate menopausal symptoms. (14,21)


1. Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1999. FDA TALK PAPER: FDA APPROVES NEW HEALTH CLAIM FOR SOY PROTEIN AND CORONARY HEART DISEASE: T99-48, October 20, 1999.

2. Anderson JW, Johnstone, BM, and Cook-Newell ME. 1995. Meta-analysis of the effects of soy protein intake on serum lipids. New England Journal of Medicine. Aug 3;333(5):276-82.

3. Crouse et. al. 1998. Soy Protein with Isoflavones Affects Lipid Profiles in a Dose-Dependent Manner. Circulation 97:816.

4. Anthony MS, Clarkson TB, and Williams JK. 1998. Effects of soy isoflavones on atherosclerosis: potential mechanisms. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Dec;68(6 Suppl):1390S-1393S .

How can Revival Soy benefit my family, my friends and myself?

Medical studies document that soy protein consumption can benefit everyone regardless of age or gender. Long-term benefits are the result of continued DAILY use.

• For children, newer research data suggests that early exposure to soy protein can produce benefits throughout life. Before age 10, 1/4 serving per day is fine. Ages 11 to 16, 1/2 serving per day is recommended. A full serving is recommended by age 16.

• For young girls, young women and other premenopausal women, soy slightly lowers estrogen levels which means less PMS and menstrual disturbances, including cramps, moodiness, heavy bleeding and headaches. Soy promotes healthy breast, endometrial and colon tissues. Soy can help with weight loss by decreasing fat deposition, increasing lean muscle mass and increasing sports performance. Soy can help promote strong bones and stimulate better hair/skin/nails. Soy promotes a healthy memory.

• For women in mid-life and beyond, soy can reduce many symptoms of perimenopause and menopause like hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, fatigue, vaginal dryness, migraines, anxiety, loss of libido and insomnia. Soy can help with weight loss by decreasing fat deposition, increasing lean muscle mass and increasing sports performance. Soy lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease risk. New evidence shows that soy can help promote strong bones and stimulate better hair/skin/nails. Soy promotes healthy breast, endometrial and colon tissues. Soy promotes a healthy memory.

• For men of all ages, soy promotes healthy prostate and colon tissues. Soy lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease risk. Asian men consume large amounts of soy daily without side-effects and absolutely no “feminization”. Soy can help with weight loss by decreasing fat deposition and increasing lean muscle mass. Significant gains in sports performance can be achieved by adding soy protein to your protein regimen. Soy promotes a healthy memory.

When will I see results?

Most people see results in the first few days to weeks of regular DAILY use. Regular daily use is critical.

How long will it take Revival Soy to work?

Regular daily use is the key. Please contact us if you don’t get the results you expect. We can offer more helpful suggestions.

• For menopausal or perimenopausal symptoms: Some women see dramatic results within a few days, but others may need to use Revival Soy daily for at least 4-8 weeks before significant change occurs. If you are having severe symptoms, you may want to take 1.5 to 2 servings per day for the first few weeks for faster results. If your symptoms are worse at night, take Revival Soy at mid-day for peak soy levels during the night. For vaginal dryness and better hair/skin/nails, you should see results after 3 to 6 months.

• PMS or menstrual problems: 3 months or more of use is typically required.

• Weight loss: You should start seeing results after 2 - 4 weeks of daily use. Use as a meal substitute with a multivitamin.

• Cholesterol reduction: You should start seeing results after 3 months of daily use.

• Bone health: Long term daily use helps support healthy bones.

• Prostate health: Long term daily use helps support healthy prostate function.

Please let me know if I can help further.
Best Regards,
Aaron Tabor, MD

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