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Name: Sarah

I've tried Weight Watchers over and over since I was 14. I'm now 44. The most weight I've ever lost was about 5 pounds. I just can't seem to do it and don't understand what I'm missing. Other people seem to be able to join and really stick to it. I attend the meetings and try but just can't seem to. I lost 50 pounds at a fitness institute in 91 and have stayed at my current weight of 156 or so since then. I can't afford to go back to that place and I really, really believe in WW. I have never found a WW leader that was very helpful and have tended to quit after a month or so because I keep feeling I'm getting nowhere fast. Part of the problem s I that I have to eat very, very healthy -- vegetarian to the max to stay healthy and I don't find any support for that. (i've had a lot of health problems but I'm fine if I eat healthy) I'm a performer and my weight is a factor in my career. I don't have a regular schedule or location and have lots of stress.So What am I asking you? Maybe it is, how can I find a good leader?? Or, what can I do to make myself succeed? What I would love is a vegetarian online WW class. There aren't too many of us I think and it is really hard to sit through classes which preach diet soda and other similar products. Ok. Long question. I'll quit! Sarah

Sarah, I admire you for wanting to stick with it. The number of people who dont stick with it in circumstances similar to yours is much too high. Im sorry that you havent been able to find a Weight Watchers leader who meets your needs. Weight Watchers leaders come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences and, unfortunately, none of us is completely attuned to all the needs of all of our members. All of us do absolutely the best we can. I dont know what part of the country you are in, but I would guess that you are somewhere where the more "traditional" American diet is prevalent. Thus, the emphasis on diet sodas and so on. Please keep trying, though. I would suggest that you try Weight Watchers again, knowing that there will be limitations for you.

Know that your leader really does have the best interests of all her members in mind even if she doesnt understand all of your particular needs. If you do go back to Weight Watchers and find that the leader doesnt understand your requirements, talk to her about it. Be straightforward and honest. If she is well motivated and I hope she would be, she will talk to her trainer and ask for some guidance in how to best serve your needs. As far as online support goes, unfortunately there is no Weight Watchers organized classes. I dont know if or when Weight Watchers would ever consider trying out such a program. If Weight Watchers identified the need and found that there were enough people interested in such a program and it could be cost effective, well who knows what the future might hold. Weight Watchers does provide some organized online support, though, at the Weight Watchers Web site where you can find online forums which are discussion groups on a number of issues facing Weight Watchers members.
This acts as an online support group. There is a forum for vegetarians. The Weight Watchers Web is at " target="_blank">"> Click on the Forums button and follow the instructions from there. I do hope that this is helpful for you. Good luck!!!!

Michael Friedman

Weight Watchers Leader

Information provided by Michael Friedman is general in nature and should not be construed as a substitute for a visit to and examination by your own personal physician. Please read our disclaimer.

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