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Name: Linda

Dear Michael, I just turned 49 last week. Started peri-menopaus 18 months ago and although I was ALWAYS very thin and sometimes underweight most of my life, I have gained almost 30 lbs (118 orig to now 143) I am very health conscious and take all the proper supplements, but the weight is now grotesquely in my hips, thighs, breasts (with soreness) and now my stomach is so bloated outward I can hardly get dresses w/out discomfort. Help!!!

I am sorry that you are feeling so badly about your body at this time and that it is not behaving as you would like. As you know the changes that you are undergoing at this time are all completely natural. Your body is undergoing fundamental changes that come with menopause, so it is critical that you first become comfortable with what is happening to you. Please explore the Power Surge Web site and see what ideas you can discover about how to take care of yourself. Second, talk to your doctor. What you will probably find most helpful here is not weight loss or weight control techniques, but information about how other women have addressed menopause issues and what might work for you. After you have accomplished that, a weight loss program, such as Weight Watchers, may be of interest to you. Take a shot at it and see what appeals to you. Best of luck to you.

Michael Friedman

Weight Watchers Leader

Information provided by Michael Friedman is general in nature and should not be construed as a substitute for a visit to and examination by your own personal physician. Please read our disclaimer.

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