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Name: Lynda

Why is the dosage on the Active Women's Mult I 1 tablet 3 times/day? In the info about the product suggestions are made to not take more than so many mg of particular things ex: Selenium, no more than 400). If you take this 3X/day you will have taken 600mg. I think this occurs with a couple of the other ingredients also. Why not take 1/day?


I noticed your question to Dr. Erika Schwartz regarding the Active Women's Multi vitamin which Power Surge recommends. Dr. Schwartz is obviously unfamiliar with the Active Women's Multi that Power Surge recommends. She is correct in that many companies recommend doses that are too high. However, I have studied nutrition all my life and pride myself on knowing and recommending correct doses. I even include cautions throughout the Recommendations pages against using too much of certain vitamins, such as vitamin E, because it has the ability to raise blood pressure when taken in large doses.

If you go through the recommendations area, you will see various cautions regarding doses of vitamins and herbs, mixing certain vitamins and herbs, mixing herbs/vitmins and various prescription medications.

I have carefully reviewed every vitamin, herb, anti-oxidant, amino acid and supplement recommended by Power Surge. In fact, I will take that one step further and tell you that I have USED everything recommended on Power Surge. I have never endorsed anything on Power Surge that I have not tried myself.

Regarding your concern about the amount of selenium content in the Active Women's Multi, which contains excellent supplements for women at midlife, and is advantageous for women who haven't the time to take individual supplements (which I recommend as well on the site), you're obviously not aware that when the label shows 200 mcg., it means you're getting 200 mcg. of selenium in the recommended 3 tablets, not 600 mcg. The same holds true for all the other ingredients.

The amount you see on the label is the amount contained in the recommended 3 TABLETS PER DAY.

With that amount, 200 mcg., you're safely within the acceptable range in deriving the many benefits of selenium, and it is one of the most important anti-oxidants we should be using. The Institute of Medicine and the National Institute of Health has set a tolerable upper intake level for selenium at 400 mcg per day for adults.

That should explain why I recommend the Active Women's Multi and also caution not to exceed 400 mcg.of selenium per day.

I hope this clears up your question, Lynda.

Power Surge Founder

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