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Name: Jann

Has anyone delved into what a hot flash is? What goes on in the body to cause the hot flash symptoms? Thanks


They certainly have. There are very specific reasons for hot flashes and various other vaso-motor symptoms women experience during pre (and often post) menopause. You'll find a comprehensive article called, What's A Hot Flash?

You'll also find other articles and transcripts with hundreds of guest experts in the area of women's health all over the site about menopause symptoms of which hot flashes (or power surges) is probably the #1 complaint. They can be found in the transcript library, and the archived newsletters (they are now E.mailed) and in numerous other areas of the site. Click on the drop down menu on top of each page of the site and you can visit any of these areas.

Another excellent source of information is Recommendations page. Here you will find a list of remedies to address your symptoms.

I would also recommend you sign up for the award-winning Power Surge message boards where women are constantly sharing experiences about their menopausal symptoms.

Once you sign up for the message boards, you will receive a copy of the Power Surge Welcome Letter with information on navigating the site - and links to the most popular and important articles.

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