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Name: KarenMarie

Sometimes I feel like I have an electrical buzzing current feeling going through parts of my body. Is this internal shaking or another separate per I symptom?

Yes, I have experienced this and it can feel frightening. However, don't fret. I'm sure nothing is wrong. Of course, always get yourself checked by your doctor to eliminate the possibility of any other health issue because so many symptoms of menopause can be symptoms of other health issues (that's because there's hardly a "feeling" that isn't experienced during menopause and usually caused BY menopause). I remember asking my internist about it when I suffered from it on a regular basis -- what I referred to as my "electrical shock impulses." His explanation was that it was caused by a "nerve" in my neck. Of course, he's an excellent diagnostician, but I asked him how come I'd never had this "nerve in my neck electrical impulse before perimenopause." He was convinced it had nothing to do with my changes, but I was convinced he was absolutely wrong.

The buzzing sensations happened pretty regularly for about two years of perimenopause, which, as we all know by now, is the very WORST part of this transition. It felt like electrical impulses in my head, a buzzing sensation, similar to the pictures we get of someone sticking their finger in a live electrical socket and the body vibrating with a Buzzzzzzzz'ing. Or, I imagine it might feel like someone getting electro-shock therapy (shock treatment). I'll be honest, there were times I wondered if something was wrong -- you know, the stroke fear, the brain tumor, the "I'm dying from something, but nobody knows what it's called" syndrome. We've all had it.

It can be very frightening, but I was convinced that it was one of the strange (and there are MANY strange and, yes, inexplicable, things you'll experience during menopause - thank you, mom, for telling me this before it all started) for HRT and/or other drugs, herbs or vitamins may do nothing at all.

Our bodies are going through so many changes. Our bodies are governed by hormones, not just estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, but NUMEROUS hormones -- all of which are off balance during menopause. Everything in our bodies is connected - arteries, veins, hormones, neurons, or nerve cells, the basic building blocks of the nervous system, transmitting information throughout the body via electrical impulses. The nervous system communicates by passing messages from one group of neurons to another until they reach the Brain. It's not unusual to feel what some describe as "electrical impulses" in their highly complex bodies (but not quite as fragile as some would have us believe -- how many women have you heard died of menopause?)

Every strange sensation you experience during every phase of menopause cannot be addressed with medication. There isn't an answer to every strange feeling, thought, ache, pain, mood we experience during menopause. I realize everyone wants an instant answer to all the problems, which is why so many doctors are often baffled and only know to prescribe tranquilizers or anti-depressants -- hormone therapy or one medication or another.

Check out the Educate Your Body area where you will find numerous articles of help during this transition. Also, you'll want to read Power Surge Menopause Survival Tips. There will be links to other articles at the bottom of that one. You'll find a wealth of information all over the Web site.

Power Surge Founder

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