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Name: Bob

Dearest, this is a great website. I wonder if you could tell me if you have places on the site where I can find more information for men to understand what their wife is going thru. That would help me without going thru the whole site which will take me forever. Thanks.

Dear Bob,

There are areas on the site containing articles that are perfect for everyone, especially men, to get the information they need. Case in point, in the The Educate Your Body Library and the Newsworthy area. I would also recommend reading the article, What Is Menopause? It will give you an idea of what your wife is going through. You could read the What Is Power Surge? page. Within that one page is, I believe, a great deal of information that will help any man understand what his partner is going through.

There is also the Ask The Experts area which includes medical doctors and other experts. Gynecologist, Phillip Warner, M.D., Gynecologist, Duane Townsend, M.D., our Revival soy medical expert/physician, Aaron Tabor, M.D., relationship expert and author of numerous best sellers including "Men Who Can't Love," Steven Carter, our intimacy expert, Dr. Sandy Scantling, anxiety/panic/depression expert, psychiatrist and neurologist, Stuart Shipko, M.D. plus others as well. You may be interested in asking a question, or browsing the archived answers.

I recommend two excellent transcripts that are part of a series I did called, "Man To Man... "Women and Menopause" -- devoted to the men in the lives of menopausal women. The purpose of this series is to help educate men on the transition their wifves / partners and, ultimately, relationships go through. Dick Roth, a 53-year-old former Olympic gold medal winner says he nearly derailed his own marriage when his wife started to suffer hot flashes. "I was the typical clueless husband," Roth says, whose book is, No, It's Not Hot In Here: A Husband's Guide To Understanding Menopause has been very popular in helping to educate men about their wives or partners menopause experience. Both men and women were encouraged to attend this series of chats. Read the transcript of Dick Roth's visit.

Another guest in the series was Bruce Bekkar, M.D.
Dr. Bekkar has a dry sense of humor and conducts a successful course for men on women's biology. He says he wrote the book, Your Guy's Guide To Gynecology: Everything You Wish He Knew About Your Body If He Wasn't Afraid To Ask" to help the average man, whom he says is "completely confused about how women's plumbing works. This ignorance can adversely affect relationships." Men are encouraged to attend this series of chats to help them better understand their partners' menopausal experience. Read the transcript of Dr. Bruce Bekkar's visit.

You might want to look through the "Men, This One's For You" board. I included that forum on the Power Surge message boards because I realized some men would feel more comfortable in their own forum. A bunch of women talking about menopause might be intimidating to a man who needs information. I highly recommend checking out that board.

You also have to look around the entire site. There are so many areas and articles, newsletters, FAQs, resources. There's even a Male Point of View page where I interviewed some men regarding their feelings about older women.

Finally, I've put up some interesting new articles by Sandra Pertot, Ph.D. You may find some useful information in helping to cope with the intimate side of your relationship:

Dr. Pertot is an upcoming guest in Power Surge. You'll find her transcript in the Transcript Library.

I hope this helps.

Power Surge Founder

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