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Name: Arline

Hello Dearest, I enjoyed the chat tonight. I had a question on vitamins. Could you please tell me what I should be taking. I take oscal 3x daily when I remember and centrum performance. What else do I need? Thank you

Hi, Arlene,

Because I receive so much E.mail asking what vitamins, minerals, herbs, creams, et al, a woman can use to treat her menopausal issues, I spent a great deal of time putting together the recommendations page on the Web site. Naturally, you don't have to take everything on the list, but there are suggestions for treating specific issues I know you'll find very helpful.

With all due respect to the most popular multi-vitamins, most of those I've seen don't have enough of many nutrients women need during their transitional years. I finally found a quality company that manufactures an excellent women's multi - called Active Women's Multi and it contains the true doses a menopausal woman needs every day. I think the most important vita-nutrients to go with during menopause are vitamin E (be sure to read the cautions about hypertension), magnesium, calcium (must take with Vitamin D, which helps your body absorb the calcium), folic acid, selenium, CoQ 10, vitamin C, B-complex, B-6 is great as a natural diuretic, B-12 is helpful for depression, inositol is what Dr. Robert Atkins once called "nature's own tranquilizer." Of course, I'd add to that some form of soy isoflavones, if not to alleviate menopausal symptoms, to provide bone and heart health. That's just an example. Again, check out the recommendations page.

I would also recommend checking out the Power Surge Message Boards -- with special attention to the Alternative Medicine board, where you'll find women discussing the methods they've used, experiences they've had with different herbs and you can participate in their discussions there.

Power Surge Founder

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