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Name: Debby

After having a Hysteroscopy and Curettage op, 6 days ago, I am left feeling tired, tearful,lonely. I feel bitter towards my family and shut myself away in my home not wanting to go out at all. Life used to be full of fun but I now feel life has nothing to offer me anymore. My family give me support and love but I push them away, please help as I do not like this feeling anymore

Debby, I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly. You didn't mention the reason the doctor performed the hysteroscopy and curettage nor how old you are. Every woman reacts differently to this type of procedure. Some women will experience mild discomfort after the procedure, while others can experience considerably more pain and soreness from the probing of the instruments the doctor uses, but generally, it's done on an out-patient basis and shouldn't leave you feeling as isolated and depressed as you sound. You haven't mentioned pain. I can't help but feel from what you're describing that you're probably in perimenopause, rather than having after effects of the Hysteroscopy and Curettage. What did your doctor tell you after the procedure was performed? Is it possible you're afraid that something is physically wrong? Are you sure you didn't have any of these symptoms before?

I would get in touch with my doctor and tell him what you're experiencing and see what he recommends. Also, you might want to share your experience with other women on the Power Surge message boards at: /php/forum -- as you'll find a great deal of support and camaraderie among the women who participate in the numerous threads. I'm not a doctor, but you sound depressed and isolated and those are two of the most common signs of perimenopause.

Please visit the boards and the rest of the Web site. There's a wealth of information you'll find useful in helping you cope with what I believe may be your menopausal transition.

Power Surge Founder

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