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Name: susan

Dearest, Thank you for this site. The support is life-saving. However, in reading your recommendations, is it really true that you recommend over 20 vitamin/herb supplements a day?

No, of course not. I even included a remark about that on the page -- about not becoming overwhelmed by the list. These are merely suggestions. I, on the other hand, have taken as many as 20 vitamins a day. One of the reasons is that I prefer not using "multi" vitamins. That way, I can control the amount I know I need. Another is because B-complex, for example, has always been difficult for me to digest. I become terribly nauseous from B-complex and I have bought different brands and without the additives, especially yeast, which can be a problem for many. So, I take my "B" vitamins individually and that accounts for the larger number of vitamins. There was an interesting chat with Dr. Lendon Smith which you will find in the Library. I believe it was his second visit to Power Surge. He discussed in the chat how we should avoid ingesting those foods that "smell bad" to us -- that it's our body's way of telling us it's not something we'll digest properly. I had never thought about the B-complex until then. The smell of it is awful to me and, hence, I have a bad reaction to it. You'll find his remarks interesting.

I "recommend" you use the recommendations page as a resource for what YOU need. I've tried to provide various options for dealing with individual menopausal issues.

When you have the time, go back and read the entire page -- including the panel on the left (with the green background). These are tips for making menopause an easier passage and using vita-nutrients to retain good health during and postmenopause.

Power Surge Founder

Information provided by Dearest is general in nature and should not be construed as a substitute for a visit to and examination by your own health care practitioner.
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