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The books I've read say that the wild yam must be processed into natural progesterone in order to have an effect. I'm glad it works.

True. However, there may be some who either experience a placebo effect from the wild yam itself, or may actually be experiencing some relief. Read the transcript of Dr. Betty Kamen's visit to Power Surge in the Library.

In her book, "Hormone Replacement Therapy: Yes or No?" Dr. Kamen writes:

"The word Progesterone was first proposed by William Allen and George Corner in 1934, when they isolated this newly discovered sex hormone. Since then, more than 5,000 plants have been identified as containing substances with progesterone-like chemistry. In 1943, Russel Marker successfully manufactured progesterone from the roots of Mexican yams.

"With minor conversion in the laboratory, the Mexican yam extract, diosgenin, has been made to match natural progesterone exactly. But the manufacture of cortisone and progestogens from the saw raw materials attracted far more attention. The neglect of progesterone led Dr. Dalton to refer to it as 'the forgotten hormone.' The success of many practitioners has helped us to catch up with this hormone. The spotlight has been turned back in progesterone's direction."

Read more about what Dr. Betty Kamen has to say in the transcript linked above and in her book AND in her transcript in the Power Surge Library.

There are also excellent articles about progesterone in the Educate Your Body area of the Web site.

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