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My blood work came back, but he didn't order the estrogen
and Progesterone levels. Thank goodness I called him today to ask about it because the lab keeps the blood for 7 days--and this was the 6th, so they can still run the test without me going back. My, how we have to keep up on
these Docs!!

I wanted to address this part of your message separately because I have a real problem with physicians prescribing hormones of any type to any woman without first testing her existing hormone levels. Granted, your doctor may have run tests on you in the past, but our hormones are always
changing and updated tests should be done. Why a doctor would prescribe progesterone supplementation without knowing what your progesterone level is beyond me entirely. Why a lay patient should have to remind a doctor is also
beyond me.

Another thing that's been disturbing to me is how doctors simply hand out pills without tailoring them to the individual woman's needs. In her most recent book, "The Estrogen Answer Book: 150 Most-Asked Questions About Hormone Replacement Therapy," frequent Power Surge guest and friend, Ruth S. Jacobowitz, says,

"It remains interesting to me that bright, active women are not fully aware of the facts about estrogen and that includes knowing there are different products, manufactured from different estrogen sources, available in different strengths. This is not a woman's fault, this is the fault of the physician who... may start all patients on one drug in one strength. I can almost understand that prescribing formula. It's easier for the physician and for many women it works. As Dr. R. Jeffrey Chang explains, 'Physicians often become comfortable with one product, know everything about it, and because of their knowledge prescribe it most often.' The problem is that for other women it doesn't work, and then it becomes the soman's responbility to get back to the physician and complain LOUD AND CLEAR about persistent
symptoms. It helps if you, the patient, have that conversationfully armed with information about what else there is that you can try."

From everything I've heard from women over the years, providing that information is exactly what we're doing here in Power Surge :)

In hopes of continuing
along those lines and shedding some additional light
on the product / dosage theory, utilizing information in Ruth's book, I've prepared a table of the most widely used estrogen and progesterone commercial preparations. Also, don't forget to read about Your hormones and Bio-Identical compounding.

Power Surge Founder

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