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The "Harvard Women's Health Watch" suggests 3 - 5 tablespoons of flax oil a day. I think you and others take flax oil pills, right Dearest?

Yes, I've used Flaxseed Oil capsules -- 1,000 mg. each twice a day (the bottle says you can take 2-3x a day). I prefer the ground flaxmeal and, in fact, add it to my Revival soy shake every morning.

Flax is very high in lignans which have anti-tumor properties, antioxidants of 800 ppm and could mimic the results of Tamoxifen ---- the anti-cancer drug for breast cancer. Omega-3's lower high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels by as much as 25% and 65%. Omega-3's decrease the probability of a blood clot blocking an artery. They are necessary for visual function, sperm formulation, brain development, and adrenal function.

Omega-3's also lower high blood pressure, and help to decrease allergic response, and may help inflammatory conditions with the diseases ending in -- "itis."

Omega-3's lower the insulin requirement of diabetics and have been used in the treatment and prevention of arthritis.

Cancer --- omega-3's dissolve tumors and are being researched continually. Dr. J. Budwig in Germany, has over 1000 documented cases of successfulcancer treatment using flax oil and lo-fat cottage cheese.

PMS and menopause ---Many cases of premenstrual syndrome and menopausal symptoms are completely relieved within one month of flax ingestion.

Flaxseed can also be helpful in multiple sclerosis (in places where essential fatty acid consumption is high, MS is rare); some behavioral problems (schizophrenia, depression, manic-depressive disorder); the oil in the seed has a calming effect under stress. Omega-3 fatty acids prevent excess toxic biochemicals which our bodies produce under stress.

Asthma can be relieved noticeably in a very short time (one week) of taking flaxseed(s) or oil.

Vitality is another one of the most noticeable signs of improved health from the use of DFG with a protein level of 28%. Athletes notice that their fatigued muscles recover from exercise more quickly and flax increases stamina.

Fiber is another important factor in our diet. The average person in America has a fiber intake of 8.75 Grams per day. To prevent certain forms of cancer, colon and or breast, a high fiber diet has been known to be beneficial. Flaxseed ground in juice or flaxseed oil, provide at least 20 grams of fiber, plus the 8.75 gives you a total of 28.75. It has been reported that if youmaintain between 25-30 Grams of fiber, it greatly reduces chances of colon and breast cancer.

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