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Name: Denise

I have just been diagnosed with uterine fibroids. For several years I've been on triest and a progesterone cream due to vaginal atrophy. I guess there was an imbalance! If I stop taking the estrogen, is there a good chance my fibroids will shrink. My pharmacist tells me the progesterone alone can help me with the vaginal atrophy and I probably wasn't getting enough. And here I thought I was doing the right thing. Was there any way I could have known there was estrogen dominance building up?

The only way to tell would have been to test your hormone levels on a yearly basis via saliva or blood testing. You may not be in estrogen dominance, but may only have needed a higher dose of progesterone. You could possibly have solved the vaginal atrophy with our vaginal estrogen cream and a little testosterone.

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