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Name: Susan

Have you ever heard of anyone attributing vaginal itching to excess estrogen? I have been on estrogen alone since 1989 when I had a hyst (ovaries removed)and have just started using Pro Gest cream and DHEA as per your recommendations. I have always had the itching even though I don't have hot flashes or any of the mood problems associated with lack of estrogen. More estrogen causes more breast tenderness and doesn't seem to help itching. I am going to try this regimen for 3 months or so to see if it makes a difference. Any other suggestions?
Thanks, Susan.

Dear Susan:

Yes, you could get vaginal itching from too much estrogen, but, how much estrogen are you using everyday?? I don't see you in my computer, so you must be getting your Rx's elsewhere. The answer could be to use an estriol vaginal cream along with your other dose, or possibly it could be being cause by adding in the wrong dose of progesterone, which could flair up yeast in some cases, and that can cause itching. Have you been tested to see if you have a systemic yeast infection also?? I would assume that there is not enough estrogen in your dose, since you reduced it to relieve breast tenderness, so I would suggest our nat. estriol vag cream and insert one gram intravaginally 2 or 3 times a week, for a month to 3 months and see if the problem improves.

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