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Name: Kathryn

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 6 weeks ago. I'm 34 and had a total hysterectomy. I healed up very quickly and am being very positive. I started chemo last week. I haven't had penetrative sex yet although I can orgasm clitorally and vaginally.

I am concerned about vaginal dryness/atrophy and I can't have HRT as my doctor is concerned (as am I) that my cancer may favour hormones.

I really want to have normal sex before my hair comes out but I am nervous. I am taking evening primrose oil, and fish oil and my diet and general health are excellent.

time is running out. I do feel that having a normal sex life will help me fight the cancer. Do you have any advice?

Dear Kathryn,

Staying positive is definitely the way to go here -- and continuing to have sexual pleasure is vitally important. Don't get trapped into thinking that penetrative sex is synonymous with "normal" sex.

You say you're "concerned about vaginal dryness" -- do you have vaginal dryness now? When you're orgasmic through clitoral stimulation, gently insert a finger into your vagina -- you may be surprised at how moist you are.

If dryness becomes a problem there are a number of excellent topical lubricants on the market. I'd suggest playing with an assortment of them and having fun. I'd also suggest that you not think of time as "running out" or that great sex is dependent upon having a full head of hair -- great sex depends more on your state of mind and the skin (all of it) is the largest erogenous zone.

If you'd like more specific help, feel free to call me at (860)677-1910.

Dr. Sandy Scantling
Author of Extraordinary Sex Now.
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