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Name: Kathy

I have had chest discomfort with belching off and on for three years. Upper GI negative, EGD was negative my heart was checked out and all is well there. My kinevac study showed a dyskinesia of 22% but ultrasound of the abdomen was negative and I have no stones. I did try protonix and it helps, but wouldn't GERD have shown up on the EGD? Could I possibly have too little acid in my stomach. I am in need of help. If you recognize my email address, I am also sending a question about my osteoporosis. I am not a quack. Thank You

Please read the Antiporosis Plan book. You may wish to visit www.antiporosis.com and www.menopause.com GERD may not always be obvious, on EGD. Look at www.zanasec.com Osteoporosis drug treatments commonly cause GI upset, sometimes severe problems in the esopgagus, e.g. Fosamax. Please educate yourself and go back to your doctor armed with knowledge.

Thank you for your question.

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Gastroenterologist, Internist,
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