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Name: Karl

Doctor Holt, I would like to use the product ArginMax (for sexual health). If you feel that there are problems with ArginMax, what are they? Thank you very much, Karl V. Millsaps

Dear Karl,

I think Arginmax is a good product. It has a mode of action potentially similar, but not exactly the same as Viagra. I am unaware of any serious side effects of Arginmax and I believe that arginine is heart healthy. In fact, I have formulated a product called Viarginine which is similar to Arginmax, but is not yet on the market. I believe that the amount of arginine in Arginmax may not be enough for many people.

Thank you for your question.

Stephen Holt, M.D.
Gastroenterologist, Internist,
Scientist, Nutritionist, Pharmacologist.

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