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Name: Sandra

Dr. Erika- I am 45 and lost an ovary due to a benign cyst in 2001. I am in perimenopause and my worst symptoms are anxiety and depression.I Am currently on oral progesterone (bioidentical)50 mg twice a day (day 12 to flow) and once a day (day 3 to 12).I Still feel as if something is out of balance Is oral progesterone more effective against the anxiety or would it be better to use cream or a lozenge?I Know oral progesterone passes thru the liver twice.Is Oral progesterone hard on the liver?

Dear Sandra:

I prefer progesterone in cream form. What I think you would benefit from more than what you are doing is taking a combination of natural estradiol and micronized progesterone in cream form.

Oral tablets do not get absorbed too well and you are correct, they do get detoxified through the liver.

Best wishes,

Dr. Erika

Author of The Hormone Solution

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