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Name: Darlene

my question is what is in your natural hormone product? I know I need both estrogen and progesterone. I am currantly on a product that has 22mg per one fourth tsp. I take up to one tsp a day and it has helped many things except lately I have had severe migrains more often than I usd to especially during bleeding time. I also have another chronic pain condition in my neck which causes headaches which I am being treated for but with peri- meno the migrains have been severe. I am almost 49 years of age.I Am considering your product but wanted to know if it has progesterone and estrogen etc.sincerely Darlene Gansel

Dear Darlene:

It depends on the woman. I work with miconized progesterone, estradiol and micronized testosterone. you fill out a consultation form and that helps me determine what best to prescribe for you.

Best wishes,

Dr. Erika

Author of The Hormone Solution

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