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Name: hallie

Dr. Schwartz: I just purchased your book "The Hormone Solution" and I am very interested in natural hormone treatment. I am 49 and recently tested perimenopausal (FHS: 50). I suffer with hot flashes and prolonged spotting (bleeding). I do have uterine fibriods. I just began using a progesterone creme (1000mg micronized by Helen Pensanti, M.D.). My doctor has prescribed an antidepressant that I haven't taken. I am afraid that the progesterone alone may cause bloating/restart my bleeding. Can you prescribe a natural hormone treatment that will help me endure this phase of life. Please HELP.

Dear Hallie:

It'll be my pleasure to prescribe the correct treatment for you. Go to and fill out the consultation form and we'll be on our way.

Best wishes,

Dr. Erika

Author of The Hormone Solution

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