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Name: Katie

Dr. Erika, I had an appointment yesterday with a nurse practitioner for lab work, CBC, TSH and Lipid Panel. Everything was fine. I had a bone density test while I was at the lab and it was 1.7 Which the Tech said was very good. When I told the nurse practitioner what it was she asked if they thought that was good because she had one that was a 2 and they told her that was a sign of possible breast cancer because it showed too much estrogen. I am using your Estrodiol and Progesterone from the Natural Hormone Pharmacy and now I'm a little worried. What do you think?

Dear Katie:

I am confused. I have no idea what you were told. I have no idea what in a blood test would indicate the presence or absence of breast cancer.

Before you get too worried, you might want to call the nurse and ask her what exactly was she trying to say and then let me know. I'll explain it to you. There is no known correlation between any estrogen blood test and cancer.

Please do not spend a second worrying. Let's just get the facts.

Best wishes,

Dr. Erika

Author of The Hormone Solution

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