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Name: ravenrh8

I'm 46, started menopause11 months ago. Hrt has helped the really intense hot flashes, still have the night sweats & itchy skin. My biggest problem is underarm odor, I have tried every deo, & powder, I have scrubbed with reg & deo soap till I'm sore, still smell! Any suggestions? I work home-care with eldery people & worry about the stink! Thanks, Ravenrh8

Dear Raven:

Two thoughts. What type of HRT are you using? If it's synthetic you know what I will recommend. Go off and switch to natural.

What type of foods do you eat and how much water do you drink?

I can certainly help clear up the mystery.

Call my office and make a telephone appointment so we can talk.

Best wishes,

Dr. Erika

Author of The Hormone Solution

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