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Name: susan

Dear Dr. Erika, I'm 41 and started peri. Last oct. I'm using a compounded 10% progesterone cream 100mg a day first half of cycle and 200mg a day second half. Does this seem like too much? I used OTC creams for the first 6+ months but still had anxiety problems. I was sleeping great! Now after being on this new cream for almost 3 months I have insomnia and sleep problems. Could it be from the cream, or just my hormones going wacky this month? I was sleeping okay before this month. Thank you, Sue

Dear Susan:

You are right that your hormones are out of wack, but that doesn't mean you should be suffering. You probably would benefit more from a combination of natural hormones including estradiol, than just from the progesterone you are taking now.

Best wishes,

Dr. Erika

Author of The Hormone Solution

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