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Name: Dianna

I am 46 and my peroids have been totally regular up to this point. My husband I and I want to have one more child and I thought intially that taking dong qua I would help get my body ready. I took dong qua I in capsule form for two months. Then I read that it was not good to take this if you are planning on becoming pregnant. I stopped taking the herb about 3 weeks before my next period, had all the symptoms of PMS, but did not get my period. I am worried now that I have messed up my system. Have you heard of this happening before and is there anything I should do now? Thank you.

Dear Dianna:

Occasionally periods do become irregular when you take herbs like dong quai. I would not worry too much about it because there isn't much you can do now. I would suggest you wait and see how things develop over then next few weeks. Also, take a pregnancy test just to be sure.

For the future. I don't know how you came to take dong quai or who recommended it. I would suggest you work with a physician whom you trust to take care of you and advise you on what to take.

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Best wishes,

Dr. Erika

Author of The Hormone Solution

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