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Name: Annie

I start taking HRT (Premarin)in 1994, age 49. I then started on Estratest because of vaginal dryness. It has worked well for flashes dryness, but after the "hormone scare" a couple of years ago, I started to wean myself off of estratest 1 year ago (with Dr.'s Ok). Now, my Dr. Recommended Black cohosh or Estroven. Neither has worked alone (flashes, especially). Now, I take Estroven at night and black coshosh in the morning. A little better, but...still Have some flashes and dryness & libido problems. Any advice? Is estratest harmful? Thanks.

Dear Annie:

I am not sure Estratest is any worse than black cohosh or Estroven. I work with natural hormones preferably and certainly do not recommend black cohosh for long term use.

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Best wishes,

Dr. Erika

Author of The Hormone Solution

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