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Name: Darlene

Dt. Warner, I am 63 and just started using Premarin .625 Vaginal cream due to extreme vaginal dryness and thin tearing perineal skin.

how do I take the Provera if I am using Premarin cream 3 weeks on one week off. Should I be alternating or combining oral and vaginal Premarin?

Thanks For any information.

You should not be taking either Premarin orally, Provera
or Premarin vaginal cream. These hormones have been proven to cause an increase in heart attack, stroke and breast cancer.

You need to find a gynecologist who will prescribe bioidentical (same as produced by the ovary) hormones. These will be estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

In addition, take Estriol vaginal cream which will be best
to lubricate and thicken the vaginal wall. When you take
these hormones that any doctor can prescribe, you will be
lowering your risk of heart attack, stroke and breast cancer which is just the opposite of taking Premarin and

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