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Name: Kathy

Comment:I am currently on the Climara 0.06mg Patch-insurance is less costly with the Vivelle Dot 0.075mg Patch. Question:Are the patches bioidentical? What plant source are they made from? What are chances I will notice any changes going from one patch to the other since the dosage is so close? I should let you know that I have my patches filled DAW since I don't do tolerate patch adhesive on generic forms. I am 61 years old, I try to stay on lower doses of hormones to be safe. I am allergic to progesterone and soy (tried creams, liquid 4mg and still had the symptoms of acne, oily hair, extreme tiredness, no energy) so my estrogen supplements are currently on their own. Is there any other way to balance my estrogen/progesterone. Your thoughts please!

Both patches contain bioidentical estradiol. You will be going to a slightly lower dose when you switch to Climara. We compound with yam plant derived hormones only. I am not sure of the original plant source of the patches. Although not considered an allergic reaction, some women can be very sensitive to progesterone with the symptoms you described. We can also be sensitive to fluctuations in hormone levels. Maybe one reason you tolerate the patch is because its a slow release over time. Other than the dosage forms you have tried already, we compound both estradiol and progesterone in sublingual tablets and oral tablets. The oral Progesterone tablets we compound may have a slower release than the things you have tried before (less fluctuations).

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